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Cargo Insurance & Limitation of Liability
Risk Management & Insurance

AGI' Risk Management team specializes in cargo insurance, claims, and the limits of liability with carriers globally. Trained in both logistics and insurance, our knowledge of the industry is underscored by a comprehensive understanding of how cargo moves. This combination of knowledge and skills makes AGI RM team uniquely qualified to educate and protect our customers from damaged cargo, theft and security breaches, wherever their goods are being shipped.

What is the carrier's liability?

If a carrier is found responsible for the loss or damage, they will be held accountable in accordance with the standard terms and conditions. These are referring to local legislation and international conventions like CMR, CIM or Montreal Convention, depending on the mode of transport and agreements between the forwarder and the shipper. Based on the conventions and/or agreements a limitation of liability can be applied which could result in the customer only getting compensated partly. If the carrier is not found liable, he might even be exempted from the liability completely.

For more combined transport term and policy, please check in below page.

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